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Monday, 2 April 2012

Watching an Autistic Adult Draw

It's the Monday of the month, where I get to share the joy of helping out at Varley Art Gallery.

Today I got to meet a couple of new faces. And the minute of of them started painting, I just can't stop paying attention to her painting:) 
Looking at her paint, she first painted a few circles with a few dots in the middle (I think those are faces), then she started drawing repetitive lines contouring the 'faces'...
Too bad I didn't ask for permission to take a picture of it. If I had to call what's abstract, this is abstract to me. 
I felt it, when I saw her drawing it. 
It was not purposely plotted, it's not like how I sometimes think of a theme and try so hard to portrait it. 
She literally started painting the second I passed her the bottle of red paint and sponge. 

and here I try to imitate, it reminds me of my joy watching her create:)

Good night buddies, Happy First Week of Apirl! 

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