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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

<roasting marsh mellows, with some amazing DD individuals, loving parents, and passionate volunteers>

Volunteered at Shadow Lake, played group activities, played my very first unofficial basketball game.... 
Leading a mini art and craft booth - Rubbing leaf - bookmark making booth*
developmentally disabled individuals' senses may be delayed in one sense, but his/her other sensation may exceed a normal human being.  
Especially enjoyed watching them feel the leaves; having the leaves, dried ones and moist ones, soft ones and prickly ones... rub against their skin, watching them colouring on the paper, creating marks. 
Once again, they inspire me, they pay attention to little details that we often oversee from our *busy* daily routine. 

I come home energized and inspired, I have so many dreams waiting for me to make them come true. And with the people I have been bumping into, I was given the opportunity to make one of them happen, 

I am sharing my love of art with the most sensitive individuals in the world. 

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