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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Food Blog

I have an idea about creating a fun, unique and useful food blog for monitoring your diet. Started it today but wasn't able to finish it. Will attach it to this post tomorrow :D


From the top of the pyramid to the bottom of it. It starts from Weekly, Daily, to every meal.
I have obviously eaten more than I should eat in a week in a day. It seems like though it's so much easier looking at the pyramid of what you've eaten for the day then to write a blog about it. I don't think I would ever feel like READING what I ATE yesterday.... Maybe I should create a little book with food stickers and a pyramid on each page! FUN.

Was walking in Kensington Market. Makes me feel like a hipster every single time I'm hanging around that area. Love the stores, Love the vibe. My question is, why does all the vintage stores have to smell like a vintage store? It's really not that great of a smell... no?
Slash, if you were to attend a vintage party. What would you be wearing? Next Next sketch!!!!:)

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