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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Q: Why did I start getting involved in serving the developmental disabled community. A: ?

Sitting at an information booth at a charity event tonight. I had someone walking by inquiring about our organization, walking away with our flyers, while acknowledging me that she doesn't know anyone in such situation.

Later on, I was asked if I know someone who's close to me that has disabilities. 

No... not really. 

I was in grade 12, when I was a TA for a developmentally disabled class. That is when I realized other than having more difficulty living up with our standards of life these days, they are trying to live a life, just like all of us, maybe even doing better than some of those homeless people who wait for people to drop a dollar in their coffee cup. Different situation, but one is giving up while the other isn't. 

They go to art classes just like us, and drew better than the kids trying to draw what they remember from the video games they've been playing for hours everyday. They're creating, while the others are just copy cats.  

And then there was that moment, when one of the students grabbed my arm just to look at my watch. 
That moment when I see his drool hanging down, landing on my arm, and I had no intention to pull my arm away. 

And those were some of the moments that I realized that I did not have to have a story to be who I am and do what I'm doing right now. 

Anyways, long day. 

Good night!

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