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Monday, 4 June 2012

Addiction to triangles

An unfinished piece: Picking Sides

Triangles: There're always only 3 sides to choose from, to link to, to connect to another triangle.
Like picking sides, like making decisions, you are not actually deciding what's better or what's not, 
you are picking sides because you're curious of the unknown.

As a practising artist, one of my fear is to make mistakes, a lot of times I focus on symmetry, I always have a centre point, I always want to draw the perfect circle, as an artist who loves drawing anatomy as well, I love and push myself to illustrate precision.

And then comes my addiction to drawing triangles, you may not join the lines to create that symmetrical triangle, but as long as you connect the 3 dots, it will always be a triangle... and who is there to say what a perfect triangle is like? 

and from my messy room.........

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