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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Master Cleanse

I made this juice, never ever have I squeezed so many lemons in a day, 4 lemons!
and why I'm still awake with so little food down in my stomach, I think because I actually liked the drink! (Or maybe because I cheated and had appleS)
Anyway, also because I think this is kind of fun. Huge challenge for a foodie like me.
Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper + Water + Maple Syrup + LemonS
I don't think I will make it to day 10, or should I even count today as Day 1? haha.

Reading designer's magazines are surprisingly satisfying during my empty stomach lunch break.
Look what I found. 
Awesome idea from Modern Bite
This is the problem with food being too pretty though, 
I look at it, not even thinking that it's a cake, 
all I can focus on is this amazing 3D pattern this artist created. 

Another nice colour/ Design found.
The pin is SO small, but the colours are still vividly contrasting each other. nicely done!

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