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Monday, 13 February 2012

Easy Art Piece that would cost you $2.50!

Great day at the Varley's Art Gallery, we had some chinese dancers dancing for the clients, they loved having some background music during the class. 
What inspired me the most was this one client, it was my first time meeting her.
She was spinning this feather scarf along with the melody. Not until the end of class did the coordinator tell me that she's deaf AND blind. It's the vibration that she's sensing. 

How often do you learn to feel without judging with your eyes, listening with your ears?

And back to my title. 
Yes, it's only $2.50 and you could create the above piece that I created in 15 minutes. 
1) Buy a bottle of shaving cream from the dollar store, (cheap brand still smells good FYI)
2) Acryllic ink, or water colours i believe works just as well. 
3) Drip the colour into a platter of shaving cream,
4) Use a stick , a branch, a brush, a chopstick to swirl the colours around in the shaving cream. 
5) get a piece of water colour paper or regular sketch pad and push it into the shaving cream
6) Lift it up and scrape away all the shaving cream. 
7) DONE!

Enjoy my friends:)

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