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Saturday, 11 February 2012


Say Hello to my new piece, 
On an 8 by 10 Canvas, 
with gold paint, bullet shells, and recycled ceiling cement. 
Delicacy is what I will be naming it. 
Enjoy the different textures this piece provides with a dash of rosy pink. 
Could be a romantic piece, i probably used pink and am constantly using pink coz it's close to valentines. 
But I am so in love with the gold tones acrylics. 
Still deciding on the frame, should it be a opened frame? hm. 
Hopefully will be posted up on Etsy for sale, personal email is accepted if you are interested!
Or stay tuned for more art pieces by MergingHemisphere.

Oh and for those art lovers, Simple Simmons, the brush is made of synthetic filaments, but I must say it's great quality for the price. The filaments have not been falling out at all, one. Secondly it holds the shape of the brush allowing me to form fine strokes. I am probably gonna try to get a few more. 

Last but not least, 
I woke up this morning thinking about peacock feathers.... 
scribble scribble.. 
perhaps something to think about on a future piece? 

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