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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Kensington Market, Toronto.

Right next to a hospital there is this secluded little market.
You'll be walking through a park filled with kids playing in the fountain, girls wearing dresses reading a book relaxing on the benches.
Right across the street, you'll see these cultural paintings by an old man. Next to him you listen to a couple of teens 'drug dealing' perhaps.
You keep walking down the street and there're all these hippies drinking coffee on the patio, playing their guitars. Walk into a store, and they're selling kitchen supplies and cook books.
Walk into the next one, two male designers opened up a store selling 200 dollar dresses 80 dollar bow ties.
Another patio with people munching on nachos drinking pitchers of beer.
Keep walking, someone's selling socks and construction clothes,
Keep walking, it's a vintage store with that smell I mentioned about, that only smell. I wish no one invents perfume like that. I do not need to smell vintage on the street.
More patios, more random boutiques. More couples on their bikes, more teenagers smoking weed, an old lady selling beans and lentils.

This is the place. You can wear a 400 dollar dress like a tourist travelling, and find your cook book or a designer's piece. or You can wear a tank and shorts, sit at the patio and smoke a cigarette. or You can pig out at the grilled cheese restaurant running out in your pyjamas from the neighbourhood.

Here's my choice of outfit if I were to hang out in Kensington.
Who needs an urban outfitter.

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