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Monday, 23 July 2012

designing yoga related logos!

Yoga is such a life long learning subject. Designing a logo for a yoga school brought me into a teacher's vision of yoga. I'm glad that I have been practising yoga myself. It helped me a lot to understand the meaning that the teacher wanted to bring out in her logo.

Sometimes when you design something that is in demand in the society these days, subconsciously you become influenced by all the concepts out there. in the beginning all I can think of is the tree pose, the lotus, and all sorts of typography.

What I learned in this project, is to really understand your client, your creativity resourcing from the true creator of the business generates the best image.

But of course, it is a plus plus when your client appreciates your art and techniques at the first place.


Finally, passion is the key:)


  1. It looks like a person sitting on/inside 3 petals? The logo is a bit feminine to me, and I feel like you are going to use soft pastel colour.

  2. this was the very beginning one.. the last one is totally different:)