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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another Illustration of a yoga pose -. Random thoughts about Pride.

I always have deep thoughts while I draw, I have to agree to Kit White, the Author of 101 Things to Learn in Art School. One of the sayings I heart :
Art is not self-expression. It is the self expressing all of the elements of the culture that has shaped it.

It's true,  people from different backgrounds, past experience, culture...changes the type of art that is formed. 

Here, not being objective, but another quote that caught my attention about pride. 
I see people proud and comfortable for who they are, 
and then I see people knowing what they can do, how to do it, and to get on with it. 

At some point, the pride has to be a part of the whole day-today oeuvre. It's part of who you are and doesn't need to be discussed anymore. - Sandra Bernhard

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