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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Piece! + My awesome stone stamp!

I went to an expressive art info session, and the dedication of these artists sharing their experience as an artist and a therapist really inspires me. 
I got to talk to Ellen who is an artist, a writer, and a psychotherapist. 
From my own experience, it's amazing how therapeutic it could be to express yourself through art.
And the more I talk to different artists, the more I realize how much more you could appreciate an artist's work if you know more about the artist themselves. 
I guess art is really such an amazing form of non verbal communication. :)

So when you're grumpy, sad, or even proud of yourself in a way that you can't show off verbally, 

By the way, may I proudly show off my stone stamp...
It's a stamp that my parents got for me when I was born, 
and I've decided to use it on all my small art pieces:)

Side note:

I have been following a lot of young thailand artists.... their drawings are so cute, 
here's one that I print screened!


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